Welcome to The Farm

Since working on farms in Indiana during my high school years, I have had an interest in farming.  However, living in a subdivision with limited space coupled with Arizona's harsh summer climate, I found that establishing a large garden proved difficult.  Most lots in Arizona are relatively small, but they do have side yards which a rarely used.  


I wondered if there was a way to leverage my side yard using an aquaponic system.  Over the last several months I have been designing and constructing an aquaponics system using IBC containers and materials readily available at a local hardware store.  I have tilapia in the tank and a variety of vegetables and spices growing in the beds.  Below, I have begun to chronicle my adventures.


Cherry Tomatoes
Strawberries in a Vertical Planter.
Tomatoes Out of Control
The Great Tomato Escape
Welcome to the Farm
The Farm at Night
Balancing the chemicals.
Planters (1st Edition)
The fish tank is on the right.
some shade from the Arizona sun. This is a very simple structure that will have to be augmented later.
All night lighting is solar.
Basil, Mint, Oregano and Peppers
Custom Built Solar Heater for Fish Tank
Built using blackboard backing, drip irrigation supply tubing and plexiglas. I had to use a second pump due to the higher head hight with the heater on the roof. However, since the farm is located on the side yard, the height was necessary to capture the sun for a majority of the day.
Fish Rising
As the heater is increasing the tank temperature, the fish are becoming more active again.
Strawberries in a Vertical Planter.
I built the vertical planters out of 4" PCV and air filters.
Young Bell Peppers
And More Peppers
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