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About Hulda

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Hulda Hime

Our lives are a series of individual short stories and chapter books that are ultimately woven together into a single divinely-created masterpiece. My story(ies) began on cattle ranches in Arizona where daily life encounters gave me my first, and most poignant, revelations to the existence of our Creator. From working cattle and riding colts to publishing poetry, a career in technology, traveling, and settling in the mountains of Panama with my husband — God continues to reveal Himself to me each and every day.

My involvement with Before the Day Ends has blessed me with the opportunity to combine my passion for words, ideas and faith, and to collaborate with an inspiring teacher, writer and friend. 

We can learn a lot about ourselves by observing the stories being written around us, as well as those written before us. My hope is that these reflections engage you, comfort you, encourage you, and — at the very least — bring you a smile as grace opens up around you.  

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