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Frank Shirvinski

Over the years, I have had many unique opportunities to explore and experience the remarkable world God has created.  I have been blessed to have encountered so many incredible people and places throughout my journey as a husband, father, airline pilot, divemaster, black belt, Aerospace Engineer, CrossFit Coach, lifeguard, flight instructor, and theologian.  Each new path has taught me more than I hoped, and showed me the good and kindness which lives in us.  My goal for these reflections is simple... to offer encouragement, hope and perhaps a new perspective as together we bring an end to another day and prepare for the next.

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Before the Day Ends

by Frank Shirvinski

Field of View: A Visual Journey
by Frank Shirvinski and Kirk Headley | Apr 30, 2010

"A Thin Blue Line," Leaven: Vol. 12 : Iss. 2 , Article 3. 
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