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Today, we are pleased to announce the release of Before the Day Ends - Hope and Courage in Times of Uncertainty, a new book by Frank Shirvinski containing reflections and lessons organized around seven opportunities where we can find hope and strength as we travel through challenging days.  Within these pages, we hope you will find encouragement, enjoyment, humor, and perhaps a new perspective here and there.


We have also included a collection of questions for each reflection that can be used for a small group study or your own personal reflection. 


Before the Day Ends is available in both print and digital formats.  Please visit the links for more information.

Paperback Link:


eBook Links:

Welcome! We are glad you have decided to join us “Before the Day Ends.” Over the years, I have had many unique opportunities to explore and experience the remarkable world God has created. Each new path has taught me more than I hoped, and showed me the courage and fortitude that can be found in a life with God.  My goal is simply to share some of the lessons I have learned along the way, and to offer encouragement, enjoyment and perhaps a new perspective here and there.  

The Before the Day Ends Mission One Video Series is a collection of fun, informative and challenging videos which explore God’s Word.  Each mission has been designed to be about 10 minutes long so that it can fit into any part of your day. Why do we call these videos “missions” instead of classes or lectures?  Let’s face it, classes and lectures sound a bit boring.  We choose to call these brief encounters with God’s Word, “missions” because we want to have a laser focus on growing, learning and engaging the Bible in a new and practical way.  We know your time is valuable and we want to honor the investment you are making.

© 2021 by Frank Shirvinski

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